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Wornex International provides high-speed interconnections using optical fibre in Europe and in the United States. All Internet services are rendered from networks directly connected to the main backbones and on the national and international Neutral Access Points (NAPs). We are specialized in high traffic, content acceleration networks and load balancing hosting and co-location. Call or contact us for more details.

WorldDirector technology


WorldDirector was designed in late 1994 at NEXUS International Broadcasting Association non profit R&D labs in Milan, Italy, and deployed for streaming audio, ftp archives and web pages belonging to the Association's members simultaneously from servers located in Europe and USA since early 1995. It was later offered to commercial companies to support the association's activities in local and international broadcasting.

The technology was licensed for commercial exploitation to Wornex International  in 2002, and since then also available commercially as a fully managed solution.


Differently from other CDN developed after 1995, WorldDirector is a proprietary technology based on open source that was conceived to provide globally distributed and fully redundant content, requires no content modification of web pages (i.e. no "akamization"), and offers no single point of failure. It was conceived to continue providing delivery of content under a disaster situation (like a catastrofic earthquake), when both DNS and network connectivity may remain interrupted or disrupted for any period of time. It was also designed to provide fast access to localized content in less developed countries where connectivity may be scarce, slow or congested. WorldDirector is currently deployed under two main variants:

  1. WorldDirector active CDN: provides total replication and acceleration of content at each node. Each node is independent of the CDN logic and can survive multiple failures at any other node. No central authority, and no central point of failure exists to undermine the possibility of each node to continue providing access to edge content. Under active configuration any  number of WorldDirector nodes can become unavailable (i.e for maintenance) or unreachable, while content still remain available and reachable from each of the servers that are still reachable. Under this configuration nodes (or servers) can be brought down for maintenance, and brought back on-line without any disruption to content delivery.
  2. WorldDirector passive CDN: like most CDN implementation only provides remote (edge) caching and acceleration from one or more origin servers. This configuration as most CDN implementation can fail to provide access to content if the network connection to the origin(s) servers is interrupted or the origin server(s) are down for maintenance.

Comparisons with other CDN Technologies

Most other CDN technologies are based on a re-director node placed at a well-connected [[Point of presence]]. The redirector must be always reachable and able to sustain any kind of failures or attacks in order for all CDN nodes to deliver content. However, when problems happen at the redirector node or if the redirector is unreachable from the edge of the Internet due to routing issues, all the CDN network become totally or partially unreachable. As such the redirector acts as a single point of failure for the whole CDN.

Redirectors also add additional latency, especially for clients at the periphery of the Internet. The WorldDirector technology deployed in the active CDN mode for N nodes (N>=2) are independent from any redirector or any central authority and also independent from one another. As such they can survive network failures while continuing to provide service seamlessly until at least one node is reachable. WorldDirector does not employs redirectors by design, but uses multiple (N>=1) globally redundant autonomous nodes.

Another difference with other CDN is that WorldDirector does not usually employs hundreds or thousands of caching nodes, and as such is easier to administer and has a lower installation and maintenance cost compared to other CDNs.

Other features

Other features provided inherently by the WorldDirector technology are:
  • Content acceleration (via HTTP compression using standard IETF content encoding)
  • Web site isolation and protection against malicious attacks to orgin server(s) by filtering undesired requests at the edge
  • Automatic disaster recovery
  • Locally and globally distributed load balancing

The text of this page (WorldDirector Technology) is made available by its author and by Wornex International SRL for modification and reuse under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License and the GNU Free Documentation License (unversioned, with no invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts).
WorldDirector based services

WorldDirector is Wornex Int'l core technology, upon which most of our enhanced connectivity (data and voice) services are provided at our Web Farms and/or at our customer's premises.

The technology enables to built in redundancy, speed and global load balancing to any kind of application that is based on standard Internet protocols.

Wornex WorldDirector has been recently updated into a modular product as of version 2.6, and includes the following features:

  •  Edge caching for Internet servers and applications, regardless of protocol (http, ftp, TCP/IP, UDP, etc.)
  •  Enabler for multimedia streaming (audio & video) from multiple locations, to bring multimedia content close to the edge of the Internet, and to the end user
  • HTTP content acceleration via standard IETF Content Encoding to any Web site, regardless of the server’s operating system, HTTP origin server or type of Internet application
  • Static and dynamic web server accelerator. Adds scalability at a very low cost to any web portal or application. Offers more than 40 times increase in performance for dynamic portals, with more than 200 concurrent accesses
  • Global and local load balancing. This will automatically reduce the load on the origin Web site using additional WorldDirector servers (the cost of each WorldDirector server is a fraction of the origin Web server in case of large portals. For smaller sites, each WorldDirector node may be shared among different web sites)
  • Provides protection from Internet worms, by filtering undesired requests to the origin server. This may be especially useful to avoid situations of network congestions and breakdowns such as those created by the NIMDA worm and similar
  • Disaster recovery for any Web site, multimedia archive or ftp site: any content available via “GET” (including dynamic portals) may be made available from any WorldDirector node when the origin Web site is unavailable
  • Automatic configuration and de-configuration of each WorldDirector node when servers are down, and when they are up again. Any server can be brought down for maintenance when needed, or any network segment can fail without disrupting service until at least one WorldDirector node is reachable
  • This mechanism is absolutely transparent to end user, application and administrators, and does NOT depend on any master/slave, and has NO central point of failure characteristics. It also introduces no latency at all, compared to other master/slave or star centered solutions.

Similar other services offered by our competition require modification of the Web site content in order to provide replication. Others also tend to provide hardware devices that depend on master/slave or redirection mechanisms that add latency and diminish the reliability of the whole system.

Audio, video multimedia streaming

Wornex International offers several solutions aimed to deliver high-quality audio and video streaming services to our customers. We also maintain a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is able to provide one of the fastest and cost effective solutions to any audio, video, text or file distribution requirement.

We currently operate several audio and multimedia streaming channels on behalf of our customers worldwide. All audio and video streams are offered simultaneously via high speed fiber connections at Wornex Web Farms in Europe, Asia and the USA.


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We offer a no-obligation 15 min free of charge discussion with one of our specialist to assess your needs and evaluate possible solutions using our technology and services, worldwide.

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