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Wornex International offers several solutions aimed at improving hosting and telecommunication services, VOIP, and deliver high-quality audio and video streaming services. All services are offered on our global load balancing platform connected via high speed fiber connections at Wornex Web Farms and customers' sites located in Europe and the USA.
E-government and open forums

Wornex International offers complete ASP managed solutions enabling fruitful and constructive debate between citizens and politicians with the intention of facilitating e-government applications and encouraging online discussion and e-democracy.

Our applications may - in several cases - reduce significantly the cost of running any medium-large scale surveys on a rather large group of participants. In most cases the cost of conducting a traditional large scale and detailed survey would be significantly high, and results may not have been of the same quality. Our applications and innovative methodology, instead, is able to reach very high-quality results at a significantly lower cost.

A part of the use in large opinion polls and qualitative analysis, we are currently testing ASP services in other possible uses in the following areas: consumer surveys, focus groups, media analysis, consulting, advertising research, market research for products and brands, customer satisfaction research, and public opinion research, including political and corporate image surveys.

Applications are hosted on our high speed Content Delivery Network (CDN) providing access to potentially millions of simultaneous users, and may be managed entirely by our moderation team. Such applications may be used for several types of market research for public and private companies, or other organizations (i.e. associations, unions, interest groups, churches, political parties).

More information and whitepapers describing all possible applications are available on request.

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We offer a no-obligation 15 min free of charge discussion with one of our specialist to assess your needs and evaluate possible solutions using our technology and services, worldwide.

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