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If you are concerned about speed and 100% uptime, lowering Internet costs for a large web site, e-commerce or traffic intensive application, if you are about to perform a costly upgrade in software or hardware or you may be loosing revenues because of downtime then try WorldDirector.

We offer hosting of all applications on a globally distributed, globally load-balanced cloud, that has excellent speed and availability from every world location. No more missed visitors, due to unreliability of your local hoster, their networks or downtime.

With WorldDirector we distribute real stand-alone working copies of your web content across our worldwide edge nodes, and not just cached data, that can become stale and undeliverable as soon as your other CDN provider's routing degrades or there are problems on the origin server.

Cloud hosting can be very deceiving

Don't be deceived by fake cloud hosting!. Often this is just a marketing hype for single server, virtual hosting, on a single web farm outsourced at your local low cost provider.

Cloud hosting often behaves just like like traditional 1995 web hosting. Just because you are able to reach your web pages locally, it does not mean that users across the country or in another continent will display efficiently or at all your web content on traditional one-server or on low cost single-webfarm cloud hosting.

Missed hits on your web pages often mean missed opportunities and lost revenues. Missed hits are not shown on any statistics, but they do happen very frequently when you use low-cost and traditional cloud hosting services.

Downtime of competitors' CDN and cloud services all very well documented, and happen frequently.

Try WorldDirector, globally distributed cloud hosting

Please send us details of your application, and contact us at info@wornex.com or fill in our online contact form to receive more information on how to achieve real 100% reliability from across the country and 100% worldwide deliverability of your web content.
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  Link   Wornex 2003 nomination for the IST price
The European IST Prize is the most distinguished prize for innovative products and services in the field of Information Society Technologies. Wornex Int'l was nominated in 2003 for its WorldDirector application.
  Link   Turning technology into business
Wornex listed in the Information Society Technology results, as a success story for the TRAIN-IT project
  Link   Wornex at TRAIN-IT innovations report
TRAIN-ITs hands-on business planning training and coaching resulted in 36 start-ups and a wealth of success stories, including Wornex International.
  Link   TRAIN-IT sucess stories
A challenge uniting technologists worldwide: how to turn technology into business.
  Link   DEMOS at UNESCO
DEMOS is a web-based platform enabling constructive debate between citizens and politicians with the intention of facilitating and encouraging "online-democracy".
  Link   T-LAB
T-LAb is an online laboratory and discussion forum for the managers of the service sector in Italy. This application is based on the DEMOS project, and was runs on Wornex Content Delivery Network.
  Link   Il Delphi online (Italian)
La metodologia Delphi online prendendo ad esempio la tecnologia Wornex/NEXUS di DEMOS
  Link   DEMOS project
The DEMOS (Delphi Mediation Online System) project has been the source of inspiration of several e-government and e-democracy applications available through NEXUS-IBA and Wornex International.
  Link   DEMOS Delphi Mediation Online System
by Gernot Richter and Thomas Gordon. DEMOS stands for Delphi Mediation Online System. DEMOS is an e-democracy research and development project funded by the European Commission (IST-1999-20530).
  Link   Conoscere DEMOS
A cura del Comune di Bologna. Che cos', gli obiettivi, gli strumenti del progetto DEMOS, il cui software interamente riscritto, reso disponibile dalla Wornex International, in collaborazione con NEXUS-IBA.
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