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If you are concerned about speed and 100% uptime, lowering Internet costs for a large web site, e-commerce or traffic intensive application, if you are about to perform a costly upgrade in software or hardware or you may be loosing revenues because of downtime then try WorldDirector.

We offer hosting of all applications on a globally distributed, globally load-balanced cloud, that has excellent speed and availability from every world location. No more missed visitors, due to unreliability of your local hoster, their networks or downtime.

With WorldDirector we distribute real stand-alone working copies of your web content across our worldwide edge nodes, and not just cached data, that can become stale and undeliverable as soon as your other CDN provider's routing degrades or there are problems on the origin server.

Cloud hosting can be very deceiving

Don't be deceived by fake cloud hosting!. Often this is just a marketing hype for single server, virtual hosting, on a single web farm outsourced at your local low cost provider.

Cloud hosting often behaves just like like traditional 1995 web hosting. Just because you are able to reach your web pages locally, it does not mean that users across the country or in another continent will display efficiently or at all your web content on traditional one-server or on low cost single-webfarm cloud hosting.

Missed hits on your web pages often mean missed opportunities and lost revenues. Missed hits are not shown on any statistics, but they do happen very frequently when you use low-cost and traditional cloud hosting services.

Downtime of competitors' CDN and cloud services all very well documented, and happen frequently.

Try WorldDirector, globally distributed cloud hosting

Please send us details of your application, and contact us at info@wornex.com or fill in our online contact form to receive more information on how to achieve real 100% reliability from across the country and 100% worldwide deliverability of your web content.
WorldDirector based services

WorldDirector is Wornex Int'l core technology, upon which most of our enhanced connectivity (data and voice) services are provided at our Web Farms and/or at our customer's premises.

The technology enables to built in redundancy, speed and global load balancing to any kind of application that is based on standard Internet protocols.

Wornex WorldDirector has been recently updated into a modular product as of version 2.6, and includes the following features:

  •  Edge caching for Internet servers and applications, regardless of protocol (http, ftp, TCP/IP, UDP, etc.)
  •  Enabler for multimedia streaming (audio & video) from multiple locations, to bring multimedia content close to the edge of the Internet, and to the end user
  • HTTP content acceleration via standard IETF Content Encoding to any Web site, regardless of the server’s operating system, HTTP origin server or type of Internet application
  • Static and dynamic web server accelerator. Adds scalability at a very low cost to any web portal or application. Offers more than 40 times increase in performance for dynamic portals, with more than 200 concurrent accesses
  • Global and local load balancing. This will automatically reduce the load on the origin Web site using additional WorldDirector servers (the cost of each WorldDirector server is a fraction of the origin Web server in case of large portals. For smaller sites, each WorldDirector node may be shared among different web sites)
  • Provides protection from Internet worms, by filtering undesired requests to the origin server. This may be especially useful to avoid situations of network congestions and breakdowns such as those created by the NIMDA worm and similar
  • Disaster recovery for any Web site, multimedia archive or ftp site: any content available via “GET” (including dynamic portals) may be made available from any WorldDirector node when the origin Web site is unavailable
  • Automatic configuration and de-configuration of each WorldDirector node when servers are down, and when they are up again. Any server can be brought down for maintenance when needed, or any network segment can fail without disrupting service until at least one WorldDirector node is reachable
  • This mechanism is absolutely transparent to end user, application and administrators, and does NOT depend on any master/slave, and has NO central point of failure characteristics. It also introduces no latency at all, compared to other master/slave or star centered solutions.

Similar other services offered by our competition require modification of the Web site content in order to provide replication. Others also tend to provide hardware devices that depend on master/slave or redirection mechanisms that add latency and diminish the reliability of the whole system.

WorldDirector is conceived as a turn-key managed system with full service and monitoring included, it is 100% transparent both with regards to the server application (it does not require any modification to the origin web server, its pages or to any of its applications), as well as with clients (it does not require any additional software or plug-in). Additionally, the reliability of the WorldDirector system has allowed us to maintain a status of always available during a period of more than ten years for a number of WorldDirector based sites, even when in some cases one or more servers were unavailable for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, or due to faults either in the network, hardware or software that lasted in some instances several hours or even days.

These features have been well understood by a number of important customers, and provided Wornex International a competitive edge to our Web hosting services over single-server or single data centre ISPs. A table in one of our white-papers shows a typical situation of server un-availability in a conventional one-server installation (non WorldDirector).

Each feature above in the WorldDirector product and services offered by Wornex International or its licencee can be optionally enabled, in a very modular fashion, depending on customer’s requirement. Due to its non-intrusive architecture, WorldDirector does not require a special “project” or any modification to the server-application, but implementation time is usually less than 30 minutes per site. Set-up is always provided by WORNEX via remote access, so that the each customer or ISP does not need to allocate dedicated resources. This approach makes possible to enable customers across all continents, offering them all the advantages of a global Content Delivery Network with content acceleration capabilities without the hussle of installing any new hardware or software at their premises.

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