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Wornex International offers several solutions aimed at improving hosting and telecommunication services, VOIP, and deliver high-quality audio and video streaming services. All services are offered on our global load balancing platform connected via high speed fiber connections at Wornex Web Farms and customers' sites located in Europe and the USA.
ASP applications

With more than 300 applications from different international customers WorldDirector is the Global Content Delivery Network for any data intensive, reliable and fast application on the Internet. Scalable, highly-available, extremely fast and redundant it is successfully employed by Fortune 500 corporations around the world to provide 100% uptime under any load or disaster situation.

WorldDirector may be installed to any existing Internet application, web site or corporate portal in less than one hour, without any modification to your Internet based application or Web site.

In most cases, we can enable Content Delivery remotely, without any interventon on your software or servers -  from remote.

Call or e-mail us, and give it a try - now!

Improve visibility over the Internet

Improve your visibility on the Internet with our EnginePlus technology. EnginePlus gets you top search engine positioning without requiring any changes to your site and no work on your part. We do it all! We code, submit and maintain positioning for you, and we give you a real-time reporting system that allows you to keep an eye on results 24 hours a day.

You know very well that if you're not on the first couple of pages of a search result, most likely your perspective clients will not visit your site. You want to come up prominently, and we can help you  improve traffic to your site dramatically. 1,000 or 10,000 more qualified accesses per day?

EnginePlus will send high quality traffic to your website. Think about it. If a search engine user types in your keywords, they are very likely to be interested in what your website has to offer. Whether you are selling a product, generating leads, or simply building brand recognition, EnginePlus will create more quality traffic to your site automatically. You can also combine EnginePlus with WorldDirector to make your Internet presence even more effective.

VOIP applications

Wornex's WorldDirector technology is used to provide reliable VOIP links and termination services locally, nationally, internationally and among corporate offices. 

Wornex International provides superior communications services for everyday business transactions. We are a telecommunications services provider that offers the best combination of local telecommunications services, local access agreements, and a mix of special and value-added services spread out throughout the world. Wornex VOIP solutions can improve telecommunications functionality for any company, higher reliability, and a significantly lower level of total cost.

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We offer a no-obligation 15 min free of charge discussion with one of our specialist to assess your needs and evaluate possible solutions using our technology and services, worldwide.

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