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We do not need you to modify any line in your  software, HTML code, or anything! Actually, we can accelerate any Web based application in a matter of minutes. And you may even chose whether to locate your server with us, or keep it at your current location while Wornex takes care of serving your content at maximum speed and reliability. Guaranteed! Contact us for more information.

Content Management Solutions

Wornex International offers a wide range of Content Management Solutions (CMS) designed to publish any multimedia content online, including development of custom applications or use of standard CMS systems. Applications are usually hosted at Wornex Web Farms and provide a highly reliable, and scalable service to a number of commercial and non commercial companies. Services to non commercial companies may be serviced at a non-profit rate rate via our non profit research and technology partner NEXUS-IBA
A team of journalists is also available to edit or produce content in many languages to be published online as text, graphics, audio or video.

Project management, as well as multimedia editing and production is also available through a single source, either via NEXUS-IBA or Wornex International.

All content management solutions are delivered via the WorldDirector Content Delivery Network (CDN), that speeds up content with acceleration, adding reliability to any Web based service. this technology results in a Web site or Internet application being delivered very fast to its final user, and being always available, also in case of high demand or network problems.

WorldDirector is completely transparent to both server and client, as it does not require any add-on or modification to any server’s application, and does not need any enabler software (i.e. plug in) at the client side. WorldDirector supports all Internet standards, protocols and operating systems, transparently. All of the above features become extremely important, for example, in developing countries, where deficiencies in International connectivity may be the reason of the typical “Site not found” problem and potential loss of revenues for many Internet based applications.

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15 min consultation
We offer a no-obligation 15 min free of charge discussion with one of our specialist to assess your needs and evaluate possible solutions using our technology and services, worldwide.

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